“Solar Plexus” (60”x60”)  2000

History: In 2001 a group of local Art Quilters was invited to provide some quilts for display @ the Carrboro

Art Center in an attempt to alleviate the poor acoustics in the Earl Wynn Theater.

Marga’s original entry was a quilt named “Solar Plexus”.

(The) next June Marga received a call from a couple, who were very taken by this (all yellow!) quilt.

During this phone conversation it was as if the couple had read Marga’s mind in regards to what inspired this quilt

at the time of it’s creation - the energy Marga felt she drew from her solar plexus while raising her 3 children as

a single mother in a foreign country.

The phone conversation ended by the couple’s request if the quilt was for sale. The rest is history: Marga instantly

became an Art Quilter overnight!

In the Collection of Ariel & Arnie Schechter