Marga de Bruijn

About Me


During my childhood in The Netherlands, family, friends, dance & music (piano) played essential roles in my development and continue to be strong influences in my life.

As a young woman I studied Occupational Therapy in Amsterdam and I have continued my professional practice in this field to the present time.

I came to the USA as an adult  (August 5th, 1981) and have permanently settled in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

While balancing the demands of a family and work I found quilting, which has gradually evolved into my artistic passion.

In 2002, I loaned a quilt “Solar Plexus” to the Art Center in Carrboro, NC to improve the sound quality in the theater at the time.

A couple attending a concert there in June 2002 phoned me, interested in knowing more about the creation of this quilt. After a lengthy conversation during which it seemed we’d known each other all our life,  they purchased the quilt  for their home (picture upper left).

Needless to say I became a Quilt Artist overnight!

Since then I have participated and won awards in a variety of textile shows and art galleries.